Consultancy Services  
  Implementation of Best Practices
If you are looking for people….
To provide expertise and solutions
To raise performance and deliver change  
To support enhance profitability of operation  
To enhance effectiveness of response to customer needs
To support reduce delivery time, cycle time and cost.
Stream line Information Flow  
We deliver transformation and change by implementing  
Lean Enterprise Concepts  starting with Value Stream Mapping  
Improvement in Business Processes through establishing Kaizens teams
Establishing Initiatives and Achieving Operation Excellence
. . . A Case Study
Re - Structure and Establish Business Processes  At Corporate Office and Power Plants ... A Case Study
Re - Structure and Establish Business Processes for Ship Building
… A Case Study
Implementation - Our Methodology
Changing Behaviors at the Point of Execution through   Business Process Optimization through
Improvement in work assignment and follow – up
Turns the Front Line Managers into Value – added resources for their people
Transforms a reactive work environment into a pro-active one
Improve the effectiveness of communication
Work and process flow improvements
Planning, scheduling and the execution of work
Operational Metrics to measure and drive performance improvements
Problem identification